Kevin Holland

Alternative Funerals

Woodland Burials

Woodland graves offer an alternative, natural burial. Areas are planned to preserve the natural surroundings and provide important environmental benefits for the encouragement and protection of wildlife. Single or family graves are available. Memorial trees, instead of traditional headstones, are usually planted on top of the grave. In order to ensure that the woodland burial area remains as natural as possible only biodegradable coffins are permitted.Holland of Bognor

Horse Drawn Hearses

Arrangements can be made to provide a horse drawn hearse. Traditionally a black horse drawn hearse is used, but arrangements can be made, subject to availability, for a white hearse. The hearse can be drawn by pairs or teams of black or white horses. Mourners carriages are also available.

Alternative Vehicles

Keving Holland of BognorArrangements can be made by request for alternative funeral vehicles. For example, to provide a motorcycle hearse and rider. Currently, either a black triumph or silver Harley Davidson are available. Both have sidecars. Alternatively, we can arrange for Rolls Royce or Daimler funeral vehicles, white or silver funeral vehicles, or even a vintage lorry.

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